Helmets and Uniforms of Mingo Central

(High Gloss Black)
Mingo Central Football Helmet 2011
(Gloss Light Blue)
Mingo Central Football Helmet 2012
Mingo Central Football Helmet 2013
Mingo Central Football Helmet 2014
Mingo Central Football Helmet 2016
(Silver Metallic Flake)
(Matte Black)
(Matte Light Blue)
(High Gloss Grey)
Mingo Central Football Helmet 2017
Mingo Central Football Helmet 2015
(High Gloss White)
(High Gloss Blue)
(Metallic White)
When it comes to helmets and uniforms, Mingo Central has become known as the "Oregon" of West Virginia High School Football. Every year since the program's inception, the Miners have worn a differently designed helmet and added several uniforms to their countless combinations. Any given season, the Miners have at least 2-3 uniform combinations available to the entire team. Every year, during the off-season when helmets are reconditioned, a new paint color for the shells and face masks are selected by the coaching staff. Wes Wilson serves as the lead designer and works with the team on creating a new, fresh look for every fall that the Miners take the field.
  • 2011 (Gloss Light Blue)-The Inaugural season on Miner Mountain was kicked off with, what was then, the official school logo behind a block "M" that featured the mountains of Mingo County with the large text "Miners" and "Mingo Central" smaller below. This is the only season that MCHS has ever had words on a side decal.
  • 2012 (Silver Metallic Flake)-As the second season began to approach, Coach Kinder and the staff were looking for a new design to replace the original Miner logo. The "M" Pick-Axe was born and has stuck with the program ever since. In 2012, the edges were rounded and the decal was the smallest the Miners have ever worn.
  • 2013 (Matte Black)-Keeping up with the tradition of changing things, MCHS debuted a matte black helmet, the first of any Class "AA" school in West Virginia, which featured a very unique stripe that contained a silhouette of the state on the back. This particular helmet was extremely well received by football fans across the United States. On Twitter alone, the announcement of this helmet had almost 100,000 social media views. The helmet's final notable piece was the phrase "DIG IN" adorned to the front nameplate. Since then, this phrase has stuck with the program in several capacities.
  • 2014 (Matte Light Blue)-The matte finish, just a year, before had been such a hit that this was retained for the design however, the decision was to have the light blue make a return for the first time since 2011. Slight changes were made to the decal itself, making it as large as possible on the helmet. Additionally, the handle of the pick-axe was made chrome, a first for ANY high school in West Virginia at the time. MCHS was now about to be in its 2nd year of being a Cardinal Conference member, so to show the team's excitement a cardinal head with the letters "WVCC" was added to the helmet. The conference decal has stuck with the program since then, but has changed colors to accent the appropriate helmet shell.
  • 2015 (High Gloss White)-With a uniform change occurring during the off-season from Russell to Adidas, the Miners looked for a clean look to go along with their new digs. For the first time ever, the helmet shell color AND face masks were changed to a brilliant white. The side decal was also slightly altered to go along with the clean theme of the design. Keeping with the tradition of being the first in West Virginia to do something once again, the Miners added a 3D nose bumper to the helmets which featured an outline of the state of West Virginia. They were the first football team at any level (Midget League, Middle School, High School or Collegiate) to do this in the Mountain State. September 11th happened to fall on a game day in 2015, so a special 9/11 Memorial decal that featured the pentagon, american flag and twin towers were added to the back of the helmets. No team in West Virginia had previously done a 9/11 Memorial decal. The 5th season in school history marked the first time that a back name-plate was installed on all helmets which read "Mingo Central". Additionally, During October, Breast Cancer Awareness ribbons were added to the back of every helmet, another first for the team.
  • 2016 (High Gloss Grey)-The 6th helmet in program history was one of the team's personal favorites ever. For the second year in a row the helmet shell color and face masks were updated to a grey that matched the teams' Adidas uniforms. An all-new side decal was created that encapsulated mountain-state pride as the West Virginia outline sat behind the ever-popular "M" Pick-Axe. On the opposite side, for the first time in program history, the players' individual numbers were mounted in a font that complimented the edges of the pick axe. During the off season, tragedy struck the MCHS Family as Coach Kinder's daughter, Carla passed away. As a dedication to her and the entire Kinder family, a memorial ribbon was added to every helmet that read "Find a Cure" and "Carla". Sadly, then in September a former MCHS Student, Ryan Dotson passed away after a long fight with cancer. Ryan's football number "52" was added to every helmet on the back in the same font as the side numbers. Uniquely, Mingo Central became the first high school in the United States to wear an area code on their helmet in 2016 as the Miners put "304" on their 3D front nose bumpers.
  • 2017 (High Gloss Black)-Coming off of the Miners' 1st Ever State Championship, everyone knew this may be one of the most important helmets the team ever wore. For the third consecutive year, the staff changed the helmet shell color and face mask color to a high gloss black that accented a brand-new all-black Adidas uniform set. The decal from 2016 was brought back, but this time, with a chrome interior in the state of West Virginia, as a nod to capturing the Championship the year before. This decal is placed on both sides of the helmet and showcases a brilliant shine under the lights of Harless Stadium. On the rear of the helmet  2" sized individual players' numbers can be found in a custom "Miner" font which was used for larger numbers on the side of the helmet in 2016. Above the players' numbers, the Cardinal Conference logo has been placed for the fourth consecutive year. On the rear bumper, "Mingo Central" was emblazoned across the center on a black background but on both sides of it, the "M-Pick Axe" Logo was added, a first of its kind in West Virginia. Lastly, the Miners added a new 3D front nose bumper that also is the "M-Pick Axe" Logo which pops very well against the shine of the black helmet. 
  • 2018 (High Gloss Blue)-Nicknamed “Blue Beauty”, the 2018 helmet featured a high gloss blue finish with a metallic flake. For the 4th straight year, both the face mask and shell colors were changed from the previous season. This is the first time in school history that MCHS will wear a blue helmet with a white face mask. The side decals were the largest ever, featured the always-popular M-Pick Axe, which replaced the state version, which was used the previous two seasons. On the nose bumper, “MINERS” was emblazoned in a tilted font that made the helmet appear as if it was moving forward. On the rear bumper, “MINGO CENTRAL” went across the lowest portion of the helmet. New to the back of the helmet, and for the first time ever in West Virginia high school sports, the state flag sat across from the American Flag. Each player had a custom “Miner Font” number centered on the back, as well as the Cardinal Conference decal at the top.
  • 2019 (Metallic White)- Keeping with the tradition of wearing a different color combination every season, This year's helmet featured a white metallic finish on the shell paired with a "miner blue" face mask. For the first time since our inaugural season in 2011, the side of the helmet does not feature our usual "M" pick-axe. A new, oversized, chrome pick encompassed the right side, while the left side of the helmet will be an area where players will place their award decals for various accomplishments. The award decals are, however, our traditional "M" Pick Axe logo as well as the nose-bumper decal. For the first time since 2014, a two-colored stripe breaks up both sides. On the back of the helmet, MCHS is the first high school in the country to use a state-shaped warning decal, which is placed under our usual Cardinal Conference decal. On the opposite rear side, the Miners will celebrate their 1st Ever Pike County Bowl Appearance with a Decal commemorating this year's game against Pikeville to open the season. Lastly, both the American and WV State Flags make a return from our previous season. One additional decal will be added prior to the Kick-off of the 2019 Season.....
Below is a graphical representation of every game in program history in terms of helmets and uniforms. Further down you can find individual records for certain uniform combinations that Mingo Central has worn.

Actively Used:
Grey (2015)
White (2015)
Black Breast Cancer Awareness (2015)
Black (2017)
No Longer Used:
Black (2011)              Digital Camo (2013)
White (2011)              Black (2014)
Blue (2012)
White (2013)
(No Longer Used)
(No Longer Used)
(No Longer Used)
(No Longer Used)
(No Longer Used)
(No Longer Used)
(No Longer Used)
(No Longer Used)
(No Longer Used)