The Pillar of Mingo Central High School Football

The Pillar

Essentially the corner stone of Mingo Central Football, "The Pillar" officially came to be a tradition on Miner Mountain in 2016. The large 45 pound block of coal was removed from the mine which sat where Harless Stadium is now built. A former coal miner brought the block to the team in 2011 when the program was created, however,  a purpose for it was not established at that time. The block sat in the equipment room until the Summer of 2016 when it was re-discovered. The coaching staff realized the importance of the piece and had it mounted to a pedestal along with a plaque that reads the following:
Dedicated to the
Mingo Central High School Football Team
and the hard working individuals
both on and off the field
who have sacrificed their lives
to have earned the right
to be called Miners.
Coach Joey Fields and the Pillar of Mingo Central Football
On game day, fans can find the Pillar located outside the home locker-room door. You can check it out and touch it just as the team does. Prior to the kickoff of every home game, the team exits the locker-room and touches the pillar as they make their way into the tunnel for the pre-game intro showcasing one of West Virginia's
most special high school football traditions.
#58 Isaac Fox and the Pillar of Mingo Central Football
#58, Isaac Fox, touches The Pillar at the 2016 Class "AA" State Championship Game at Wheeling Island Stadium in Wheeling, West Virginia.